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Hidden Disability training.

Dan's Den has always strived to be inclusive. To support this some of our team, including volunteers, Wendy, June and Zandra took part in some funded Hidden Disabilty Awareness training. Allowing us to offer a safe space for families living with hidden disabilities. Just ask for a sunflower.

Who's in the photo

Our Hidden Disability Champions.


Volunteers are the best.

Volunteering means different things to different volunteers. For some it's about service, others being part of something or even a contribution to achieving their Duke of Edinburgh award. For us, it's about connection and embracing individuals.




Philips Lockdown Birthday.

Dan's Den values and cherishes all our volunteers. Lockdown was not an exception. This is Philip sporting his birthday apron.

Small print disclaimer.

All lockdown restrictions were adhered to. It was blooming chilly sat in Philips garage.

Left to right

Caroline, Philip, and Michelle.

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