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Dan's Den yummy

hot chocolate.

Whilst the children are busy

playing, our baristas can serve

you freshly ground Fairtrade

coffees, homemade cakes and

delicious homemade light



Dan's Den Menu.


Our homecooked menu is

available daily, often with

seasonal options.

Dan's Den Party


As you'd expect freshly

prepared sandwiches,

child-friendly crisps,

jelly, fruit, juice and our

signature smartie buns.



Children's Food.

The children have an exciting

choice of food and drinks to

fuel themselves until they get

back on the slides.


             Dan's Deal

Monday's 3pm-5pm the children get 2 hours play,        a kids meal and unlimited juice all for £3.


Bradford Good Food



Dan's Dan pride itself on serving

fresh thoughtful healthy food.

This was recognised in May


received our Gold award.


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